Indaver is continuously exploring innovative solutions that respond better to the rapidly changing market and customers' requirements and also that meet the increasingly stringent legislation requirements. Indaver is always looking for sustainable solutions for waste flows and for better ways of recovering materials and energy from those waste flows. We create a working environment in which our employees acquire and share knowledge, allowing them to devise innovative solutions, to research and test effectively and to help us further attune our services to the needs of our customers. By doing so, we can create solutions that are better than the previous ones, that are even safer, even more sustainable and even more economically sound.

Innovation in aid of technology and services

Indaver never ceases to search for the very best technology that allows us to process customers’ complex and frequently changing waste flows and that facilitates maximum energy and materials recovery. We develop new and innovative technologies that respond to customers’ needs while offering the flexibility you need. The expansion of our tank farm in Antwerp is only one example of this. At Indaver, we pride ourselves in taking the recovery of high-grade materials and sustainable energy that bit further. So, for example, we are currently exploring the possibility of breaking down waste to molecular level and recovering these molecules for reuse. Via heat clusters, Indaver intends to make maximum use of the energy we recover from waste. This drive for innovation and efficiency is also mirrored in our service provision as we are always looking for more efficient and more transparent systems.

Knowledge in the company

Innovations are important for solving problems in society or for responding to the wishes of customers or the requirements of the authorities. Indaver occupies an important link in the circular economy because we keep hazardous substances out of the product and food chains. Our customers expect us to come up with a safe solution for their complex and most hazardous waste flows. In-depth knowledge of materials and processes is the key element in this role. Our employees have extensive expertise about materials and raw materials and about the processes that we use to convert waste into materials and energy. They apply this knowledge in order to remove the hazards from some of these materials and to process complex waste safely.

Knowledge environment

Creative solutions don't simply fall out of the sky. Indaver creates a knowledge environment in which employees get the opportunity to build up and share expertise and experience. This stimulates creativity and leads to innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking, which enhances processes, technologies and services. Our staff examine the feasibility of every idea, how it can benefit customers, whether it is sustainable and, most importantly, whether it poses any risks. Every idea is tested extensively before it is implemented. Aside from stimulating creativity, we also organise training courses so that our people can test and enhance their knowledge. We encourage formal and informal brainstorming for exchanging information and knowledge. We have a leadership program that teaches managers how to get the best out of their people.

Maximum materials, maximum energy

Indaver is a supplier of high-quality materials and sustainable energy and aims at further solidifying its position in this area. We want to use maximum materials by breaking down waste as far as a molecular level and to recover these molecules for reuse: Indaver Molecule Management. We also want to deploy the maximum energy that we extract from waste via heat clusters, etc.

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