Meath Waste-to-Energy in the past 6 years

We are proud to demonstrate the many achievements and milestones achieved by Indaver’s Meath Waste-to-Energy facility in the last six years. 

Most notably, the facility has accepted approximately 1,223,000 tonnes of waste over this period of time. 

This has subsequently lead to the recovery of 25,600 tonnes of metals, the production of 777,000 MWh of energy and the provision of energy to over 180,000 homes. 

With a staff of 42 and 42,000 operational hours completed, Indaver has welcomed in excess of 2600 visitors and has contributed €1,450,000 to the Local Community Fund. 

Altogether, these statistics represent the huge commitment made by both Indaver staff and Indaver customers to contribute to the sustainable and environmentally sound management of waste. 

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