Chemical Industry

In Portugal

DOW, Portugal
Dow Estarreja: ”We wanted a problem-solving and ethically responsible company”

In Estarreja, a small city in the northern region of Portugal, DOW has a production plant where  PDMI (methyl diphenyl disocyanate) is produced, a key raw material used in the production of rigid polyurethane foams and elastomers. This generates 4 main types of complex and sometimes hazardous waste: Phenco/urea, MCB, Solvents and aniline. It requires an expert to deal with the processing, managing of that specific waste and to comply with legislation and administration. We talked about this challenge to Itxaso San Juan, Strategic Sourcing Specialist and Renata Santos, EH&S/ES&S Delivery Leader & Site Quality Systems Specialist. Read the whole story

In United Kingdom

Good value for money in Waste Management project for DOW UK

In East Anglia’s King’s Lynn, right by the sea, DOW produces products for crop protection such as fungicides and pesticides. Annually they produce over 150 tonnes of waste of which some is aqueous based, toxic and harmful to the environment. Dow UK wanted to get full relief and traceability/control regarding its waste package. Read the whole story

In Belgium

Amcor, Belgium
Continuous improvement: turning clean waste into clear profit

Every year Amcor Flexibles Ghent produces approximately 5,300 tonnes of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
The 2 biggest flows are printed and unprinted production waste. In 2007, Amcor decided to entrust the increasingly more complex waste management to an expert. Read the whole story

Bayer, Belgium
Winner of the first Indaver sustainability award

Producer of high-performance plastics Bayer Antwerp received Indaver’s first Sustainability Award in 2013. Bayer excels in sustaining efforts to reduce its environmental impact. By adopting a sustainable waste policy, Bayer reduced its environmental costs by 17% and lowered its CO2 emissions by 23% compared to previous years. Read the whole story

3M, Belgium
Synergy in services is great added value

Being the European headquarters of the Materials Resource Division manufacturing specialized materials, 3M is confronted with critical waste and contaminated wastewater. A risk-free TWM-project combined with expertise in sludge dewatering offered full relief and savings through the total service. Read the whole story 

BASF, Belgium
Complex waste calls for professional and flexible partner

BASF, one of the largest multinational chemical groups, produces semi-finished and fine chemicals at its Antwerp site. Annually about 8 000 tonnes of waste needs proper processing. With such quantities, a high degree of flexibility is an added value. On top of that, an international network creates opportunities. Read the whole story 

Solvic Lillo, Belgium
A trusted partner through open & honest communication

A competent all-round waste specialist. That’s what Solvic Lillo needed and got for its waste resulting from the production of basic chemicals such as chlorine, hydrogen, caustic soda etc. The flexibility and commitment shown are of great importance to Solvic. Technical competence combined with open and honest communication even with difficult issues to tackle lead to safer and sustainable solutions for a complex salt sludge flow. Read the whole story

Tessenderlo Chemie, Belgium
Sound & reliable solution for critical waste flows

The hazardous waste products of Tessenderlo Chemie offers limited possibilities for processing. Nevertheless, always the most environmentally-friendly and optimally priced solutions are found. Complete chain monitoring avoids liabilities at all times which is a major concern. Everything is discussed in all openness and guidance is provided to the project on a step-by-step basis, especially when a mercury electrolysis plant was dismantled and processed. Read the whole story

Taminco, Belgium
A win-win partnership

Working with a one-stop-shopping partner gives the advantage one has to monitor only one set of files and records. The high level of transparency and legal security of processing waste properly within the framework laid down by law and at the best price is extremely important for Taminco. Signifcant cost savings proposals such as the sludge that no longer has to be drained is only one of the improvements within this win-win partnership. Read the whole story 

VFT Rütgers, Belgium
Best processing technology

VFT is one of Indaver’s former shareholders and has been working with Indaver for their waste management for many years. Since VFT is confronted with critical waste flows, the enormous capacity of Indaver’s processing plants is a great strength. Waste classified as hazardous gets the best technology. The full compliance and processing certificates offer great peace of mind for VFT. Read the whole story 

GE, Belgium
Extensive administrative services

GE Power Protection in Ghent is relieved of about 2400 tons of non hazardous and hazardous waste. A lot of waste streams which demand a good overview. The e-reporting makes waste management much easier to oversee and simplified the entire administration and archiving to a large extent. Read the whole story 

BP Chembel, Belgium
Expertise and determination lead to great optimization for sludge stream

In addition to giving safety and the environment first priority and in its efforts to achieve ‘the lowest Total Cost of Ownership’, BP, together with Indaver, has reviewed the way it handles sewage sludge. This has led to a more sustainable treatment technology with significant cost savings. Thinking out of the box proved to be very valuable. Read the whole story 

In The Netherlands

ICL-IP, The Netherlands
'Best partner' promise fulfilled

Israel Chemical Limited – Industrial Products is the largest bromine producer in the world. Increasing its focus on this core business, ICL-IP outsourced the management of its bromine-containing waste package with Indaver. Discover how risk and cost control became strong added values within the TWM-services. Read the whole story

DOW, The Netherlands
Trusted partner for safe and cost-effective waste management

The major challenges in the waste package of Dow Terneuzen are the volume, the diversity and complexity. The Waste derived from producing plastics and chemicals like ethylene, propylene, benzene should be very carefully processed vai the Best available technologies. Being able to bring the waste to Indaver’s own high temperature installations in Antwerp at competitive prices and showing an unrivalled expertise together with professionalism make the TWM-project a success. Read the whole story

Sabic, The Netherlands
Sustainable and dynamic waste management

Producing raw materials for the plastics industry, Sabic Bergen-op-Zoom strives for ever more (cost) efficiency, sustainability and continuous improvement. Staying competitive is key. Since waste management in a industrial environment is a complex matter with a relatively large budget impact to top it all, it must be entrusted to an expert in the field. Read the whole story 

DuPont, The Netherlands
Full service & good prices

Being one of the first top customers in The Netherlands that totally fit into Indaver’s growth strategy in that region, DuPont proved to be a real challenge in terms of waste management. Coolants, refrigerants and fluorine production results in complex waste that needs High Temperature Incineration (HTI) to avoid all possible liabilities and risks. Having those facilities in portfolio gave DuPont the control they wanted. Read the whole story 

Eastman, The Netherlands
Enthusiasm & persistence work convincingly

Eastman produces over eight different resins used in adhesives, rubber and chewing gum industries. Originally Eastman worked with different waste management providers which meant that sometimes it was not easy to maintain a good overview of traceability for the various types of waste. This created a need to centralize overall waste management with a single partner.  Read the whole story 

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