Power and Energy remediation project: ESB, Cork

Project Type: Sludge treatment and settlement lagoon dismantling

The ESB commissioned a new gas burning power plant in Arghada, Co. Cork. They required a system to capture the acid solution used to flush the pipe work, prior to the plant being fully commissioned. Indaver worked closely with the main contractor, Alstom, to construct a settlement lagoon to capture the flushed acid solution where the mix was neutralised.

Once the mix was neutralised, Indaver began the process of separating the waste liquid from the sludge. Both waste streams were then removed from the site for further processing at a specialist treatment facility.

On completion of the project, Indaver also dismantled the settlement lagoon and disposed of the lagoon membrane as part of this contract. 

Project stats

  • Year: 2011
  • Tonnage: 260 tonnes
  • Time line: 3 weeks
  • Type of Waste: Non-hazardous sludge and waste water
  • Indaver’s Role: logistics
  • Recovery location: local wastewater treatment plant and sludge treatment facility

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