Manufacturing remediation project: Irish Cement

Project type: asbestos and soil disposal

Irish Cement demolished a number of buildings on both their Limerick and Meath sites, where they were permitted to deep bury asbestos in exhausted quarries. 

In recent years they were instructed to remove the asbestos from these sites and dispose of the material at a licenced facility.

Indaver were contracted to remove the asbestos and subsequent contaminated soil. To do this, Indaver liaised closely with the contractor onsite to ensure the asbestos and soil were carefully excavated and packaged correctly, to ensure Indaver could transport by bulk ship to the disposal facility in Germany.

Indaver responsibilities were to ensure the waste was disposed of correctly in the most cost effective manner and project managed the following operations:  

  • Sourcing and provision of correct UN packaging
  • Raising the TFS documentation
  • Transferring the packaged waste from site to the Irish Port of exit
  • Stevedoring at both the Irish Port and German Port
  • Chartering the shipping vessel
  • Arranging all movements on the German side, from the offloading of the ship and transfer to the final disposal location
  • Finally providing Certificates of Disposal / a fully traceable and audited disposal operation from Indaver’s initial involvement to final disposal.

Project stats

  • Year: 2011 & 2013
  • Tonnage: 6,300 tonnes
  • Time line: c.3 weeks
  • Type of waste: construction Material Containing Asbestos (CMCA)
  • Indaver’s Role: logistics
  • Disposal location: hazardous landfill, Germany

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