Indaver has a number of projects in the planning and development process.

Here is an update on the status of these proposed facilities.

Resource Recovery Centre Ringaskiddy - Cork

A Heat Network Feasibility Study was recently published for the Resource Recovery Centre Ringaskiddy. The report found that an estimated heat load of 177 GWh per annum was identified within 10km of the proposed site. Of this demand, a heat network serving pharmaceutical plants within a 3km radius of the facility represents the optimal solution. There is also the potential for additional heat demand at the Port of Cork. The proposed facility was granted planning permission in May 2018.  However, public decisions made by administrative bodies such as An Bord Pleanála can be judicially reviewed by the High Court. The judicial review concluded in May 2019 and we are awaiting a judgement.

Rivenhall Energy from Waste - Essex

The proposed Rivenhall Energy from Waste facility has a capacity of 595,000 tonnes of waste and will produce enough electricity to power 60,000 homes. We are currently awaiting a revised environmental permit from the Environment Agency which will allow the plant to operate with the shorter stack specified in the planning permission. The recent news that, following the introduction of an incineration tax in the Netherlands,  200,000 tonnes of Essex waste that was formerly sent to the Netherlands for incineration will be landfilled in Essex instead, highlights the need for this facility.

arc21 - Belfast

This year Indaver (NI) Ltd, as the lead party within the Becon Consortium and the final bidder in the arc21 project, submitted further environmental information to the Department of Infrastructure.  We now await a fresh planning determination to enable this important integrated waste infrastructure project to proceed to construction and operation. When operational the arc21 facility will provide a recycling and recovery solution to the residual waste from approximately 1.6 million people located in the east of Northern Ireland as well as exporting 18 MW of electricity to the grid.  

Ness - Aberdeen

In August 2019 Indaver signed a contract to operate an energy from waste facility for the local authorities in northeast Scotland. The NESS Energy Project has a total contract value of €400 million and will be capable of processing 150,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every year while generating electricity. The project will provide a long-term, sustainable solution for non-recyclable municipal solid waste produced by Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, and Moray Councils.  Construction on the project has commenced and the facility is scheduled to be commissioned in 2022. 

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