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My Waste Ireland Upcycling Challenge 2020


Indaver is delighted to have taken part in this year's My Waste Upcycle Challenge with a fantastic entry by our Meath mechanical maintenance team, led...

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Heat Network Feasibility Study and Cost Benefit Analysis for Resource Recovery Centre Ringaskiddy


Indaver Ireland Limited (Indaver) engaged Fichtner to undertake a Heat Network Feasibility Study and Cost Benefit Analysis for the Resource Recovery...

Indaver - Carranstown Grant Scheme 2019


Congratulations to all our 2019 recipients for the Carranstown Grant Scheme in association with Indaver, we look forward to seeing your organisations'...

Sustainability Report: Indaver as a link in the circular economy


To keep the world habitable, we will have to close as many materials loops as possible. Waste therefore plays a fundamental role in the circular...

Biodiversity at our Meath Waste-To-Energy Facility


Since the construction of the Indaver Ireland Ltd Waste to Energy Facility, with subsequent revegetation of the site, the overall biodiversity value...

Social distancing for safety and continuity at Indaver


Waste treatment is one of the sectors that is considered an essential service. Indaver’s facilities are needed to ensure the health of our fellow...

New milestone in sustainable methanol production in the port of Antwerp


Consortium of 7 players established to build 'power-to-methanol' demonstration plant

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Press release: Indaver receives permit to build a new plant for the chemical recycling of end-of-life plastics


Waste management company Indaver has received the environmental permit to build a new demo plant for recycling 15,000 tonnes of end-of-life plastics...

Indaver with ACCIONA win €400m energy from waste contract in Scotland


Today Indaver has signed a contract to operate an energy from waste facility for the local authorities in northeast Scotland. The NESS Energy Project...

DID YOU KNOW that the new Sustainability Report is ready for you to discover?


With this interesting report you will learn how we achieve Indaver's important role in the circular economy.

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