Services for municipal waste

Indaver’s business service for Household and Commercial Waste (MSW – Municipal Solid Waste) involves working with both the public and private sectors. In all areas, recovery of materials and energy in compliance with the strictest environmental standards is key. 

Key principles of the Municipal Service strategy

  • Indaver’s first objective is to gain and maintain a strong position in the countries where we are currently active. In this way Indaver can make optimal use of the facilities and continue to offer cost-efficient solutions. In Ireland, Indaver wants to lead the field in waste-to-energy projects with its facility in Meath and a future extension of our capacity. 
  • Long-term collaboration: Indaver wants to be a reliable partner for government agencies and help them conduct a sustainable and cost-efficient waste policy. Indaver strives for long-term collaboration, often within intensive partnerships with joint investments in processing capacity

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