High-tech waste treatment facilities

Indaver offers a wide range of treatment solutions for all possible waste flows. It comprises options for recovery (paper, plastic, composting, upto destillation of solvents or recycling of mercury, glass and metals from lamps). Furthermore, waste-to-energy  are part of the package (rotary kilns, grate and fluidised bed incinerators) . Finally, when there is no other option, safe disposal is the answer (physicochemical treatment, landfill).  

Best available technology

Indaver's high tech facilities are some of the best when it comes to scale and efficiency. They apply the best available technologies for an economically responsible treatment in combination with what's best for the environment. Indaver continuously searches for new and better technologies to maximize material & energy valorisation, to close material & process cycles and to minimize the environmental footprint.

High quality and efficiency in the treatment of your waste 

Indaver is committed to maintaining the highest standards possible in all aspects of our business but above all in the way we handle your waste. Indaver has therefore opted for integrated and uniform management systems. They ensure the safety, reliability and traceability of all our processes. Our QESH personnel ensures that we are compliant with all relevant legislation. They take a pro-active approach to identifying areas for improvement and implementing any necessary changes in our management systems. 

Specialised services 

As part of our portfolio, Indaver has ample expertise concerning very specific waste flows of authorities and industry. We specialise in chemical waste and treatment of asbestos. We have the know-how and equipment for (haz waste) remediation projects and offer instant help in case of calamities. We also provide you with complete internal tank cleaning services.

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