Building relationships

The partner of choice for large industry

In Europe, Indaver is the preferred supplier to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The experience we have gained working with our chemical and pharmaceutical industry customers has given us an indepth understanding of these industries’ specific needs. This allows us to customise our services accordingly and to be confident that we are offering the very best solutions for these customers. 

Close to the customer

Indaver has an unrivalled understanding of the sensitivities and stringent safety and quality requirements applying to these complex sectors. We work hard to stay up-to-date on every aspect of these industries' needs. Our focus is on safeguarding your competitive position in Europe. What we deliver to our customers are sustainable, safe and affordable waste management solutions, with maximised material and energy recovery, while avoiding (long-term) liabilities. To do this, we must be flexible and always responding and reacting to industry changes. This is particularly important in large industry because your situation (production and/or organisation) and the waste market (technology, regulations, etc.) are constantly changing. We are very aware of this and we tailor and continually review our solutions accordingly. We aim to be your partner in excellent ongoing operations. 

A long-term perspective

This is why a long-term approach is essential. It enables teams on both sides to perform to their best. It means we can build our knowledge of your specific circumstances and needs and the market possibilities for you. Thanks to close co-operation and knowledge-sharing, continuous improvement is made possible.

This philosophy is the critical success factor in our TWM projects. It is based on talented, motivated and skilled employees, operating with a common purpose and to a common goal. In order to facilitate smooth co-operation between Indaver and the customer, we often appoint dedicated customer project teams, at both local and international levels. 

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