High performance

When dealing with waste flows, both hazardous and non-hazardous, it is important to have an indepth understanding of how to manage waste in a safe manner. Indaver has developed integrated and uniform management systems to ensure that all of our processes are safe, compliant and traceable for customers and authorities.


We have set up a safety management system that is compliant with all relevant Health & Safety legislation and that is based on our experiences at our own treatment sites and at our customers' sites. All employees wear high-quality protective gear and are equipped with the correct tools to ensure that work is carried out according to the strictest safety measures. Ongoing safety performance and reporting data give us the overview we need to take remedial measures, identify areas for improvement and implement changes.


Indaver respects all relevant regulations and legislation to guarantee correct processing at all times. Our network of partners is audited on a regular basis. Approval teams conducting audits via checklists ensure the waste is treated according to the law and regulations and our Codes of Good Practice. This also applies to logistical services. Indaver has years of experience in waste transport (including ADR), and safety is guaranteed through strict procedures. 


Traceability is a key customer requirement, especially for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, Indaver invested heavily in a strong and reliable ERP system (SAP), which collects and processes all waste-related data. Via our Customer e-portal, you will have real-time access to track waste from your site to its ultimate destination. All necessary certificates of recovery, treatment or disposal, shipment records, etc. are made available. Upon request, a barcode registration system completes the package and offers full traceability.

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