Wide range of high-tech waste treatment facilities

Indaver offers a wide range of treatment solutions for all possible waste flows. For more general waste streams our preferred option is the recovery of materials (paper, plastic, bio-organic waste, solvents, mercury, glass and metals from lamps). For waste for which this is not an option, we look at whether it is possible to generate energy – steam or gas – from the treatment of waste in our advanced installations (rotary kilns, grate and fluidised bed incinerators). Finally, when there is no other option, safe disposal is the answer (physicochemical treatment, landfill). 

Indaver's high-tech facilities are among the best when it comes to scalability and efficiency. They apply the best available technologies for an economically responsible treatment in combination with what's best for the environment.

Flexibility for international customers

We provide flexibility for the needs of international customers thanks to our extensive portfolio of own and external processing capacity in Europe. Carefully selected treatment facilities in terms of geography enable us to minimise the transport of waste, which is better for the environment and results in lower costs for our customers.

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