Waste-to-energy: Indaver is a supplier of steam and electricity

Indaver pulls out all the stops for waste-to-energy and uses innovative technologies to recover energy from waste. If all the energy recovered during the thermal process in Ireland were to be converted into electricity, this would equate to the average electricity consumption of 42,000 households. By 2020, Europe wants to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 20% in comparison to 1990. For this to happen, energy consumption will have to drop by 20%, and 20% of its energy will have to be sustainable energy. With its waste-to-energy strategy, Indaver is contributing to the European climate policy.


The energy we recover from waste incineration is used for our own installations and buildings. The far-reaching energy recovery from the incineration process ensures that most of our installations hardly need any fossil fuels. The recovered energy is also supplied to the electricity grid or in the form of steam to neighbouring companies.

Energy clusters

Indaver is continuously looking for new ways to use the energy it recovers. One option is energy clusters: to supply neighbouring companies and residential areas with heat that Indaver produces in its thermal installations.

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