An environment of knowledge leads to successful innovations

Creative solutions do not fall out of the sky. Indaver creates an environment of knowledge within the enterprise that provides all employees with the opportunity to build up, develop and share their expertise and experiences. This stimulates creativity and leads to innovative, out-of-the-box ideas that improve processes, technologies and services, allowing us to recover even more materials and energy. Our people test these ideas in terms of their feasibility, usefulness for customers, durability and risks. They are carefully and extensively tested before they are implemented.

Process Academy

As a learning organisation, Indaver continuously seeks to further the knowledge and experience of its people; this also applies to the Process Academy. This training programme is part of a wider development path for our engineers and other staff members. The purpose of the Process Academy is to transfer knowledge and to encourage more intensive communication. The course runs for two years, based on six academic days per year. Our aim is not only to transfer knowledge but also to have colleagues interact and discuss with each other from various perspectives. That way we build up an internal network of knowledge, ideas and contacts.

International Operational Competence Centres

Innovation is created where various disciplines meet. In the International Operational Competence Centres (IOCC) that operate across all the Indaver regions, internal knowledge and experience are collected, developed and shared in order to improve our processes still further. New technological evolutions are monitored and new creative ideas are developed. For example, there is an IOCC that deals with the management of residues, in which Indaver studies how the residues from thermal treatments with energy recovery (waste-to-energy) can be reused and which raw materials could be extracted from this proces.


Indaver wants to facilitate its managers to get the best out of themselves and to come up with creative solutions. For that purpose, we have set up a leadership programme: Leading by Triple C: Care, Connect, Coach. This training programme is an investment in a distinct leadership style for the entire company. This also reinforces our mutual corporate culture of creativity and innovation.

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