Leading the field in sustainable waste management

Indaver is at the forefront of intelligent waste management, offering its industrial customers well-balanced and innovative solutions that encompass health and safety concerns, environmental impact, economic viability and risk management.

Leading in ongoing investment

At Indaver, we put a lot of time and effort into keeping abreast of technological innovations, legal amendments and social developments. This allows us to stay at the forefront of our business and to offer the best available technologies to your business.

Leading in continuous improvements

We continuously improve our facilities to increase the materials and energy recovered from waste and to make the treatment of waste streams ever more efficient. We work together throughout the regions to optimise the operational efficiency and processes. Our goal is the continuous improvement of our quality and your customer satisfaction.

Leading in continuous innovations

Innovation is our driving force. We invest in research & development so that we are always in the lead, setting the standard for waste management. We are constantly looking for new and efficient ways to recover materials and energy. For example, we are currently investigation the reuse of materials by breaking waste down to a molecular level and recovering valuable elements from it: Indaver Molecule Management.

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