TWM systems

Embedding sustainability, safety and quality in de organisation

Sustainability is not something that you do 'as a sideline' in a company. Anyone choosing to conduct business as sustainably as possible, has to incorporate this throughout the organisation. Indaver has management systems that embed its sustainable approach across the organisation. At the same time, these systems monitor safety, quality and our influence on the environment. Through our data management and e-reporting, as a client you have a complete view of how your waste products are being managed, 24/7. 

Quality and safety guaranteed

Indaver never cuts corners when it comes to safety and regulations. We are extremely aware of the risks and dangers connected with the management and treatment of our customers’ waste flows. Our procedures, organisation and work method fully correspond with the high standards of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Indaver is ISO certified. A complete overview of all certifications per site is available here. Also internally, we routinely check the application of the management systems that guarantee safety, reliability and traceability. 

Solid ERP systems

Indaver has invested heavily in developing and implementing reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This is the basis for fast planning, tailored invoicing and detailed reporting of costs and quantities. In addition Indaver offers a barcode registration system for on-site waste registration. The combination of both systems ensures a watertight tracing system. 

Online Customer Portal

Indaver also offers a unique e-portal; a sophisticated, centralised communication, planning, tracking and reporting tool, called the Customer Zone.

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Online client portal

The Customer Zone, the online customer portal of Indaver, gives customers 100% understanding and an overview of the status of their waste. The customer can peruse the costs and quantities of his waste package around the clock at a detailed level and via total reports. Furthermore, an electronic Disposal Planning Request guarantees that the information exchange is correct, complete and easy to follow. This way the customer can efficiently manage his complex waste administration. The Customer Zone provides the customer with full transparency and control and that way, significantly contributes to efficiency in requests and their handling.