Indaver operates to the highest level of compliance achievable in terms of environmental, health and safety and waste transport regulations. We take account of all the relevant regulations and legislation and guarantee correct processing at all times.

In order to ensure full compliance, it is also crucial to work with reliable partners. Indaver guarantees that in all selected outlets processing takes place in an environmentally safe way, in accordance with the legislation in force. With this objective and in order to create a durable cooperation with these centres, Indaver has developed a system to audit these outlets. Indaver uses the auditing programme as a guiding principle to check that processing in these outlets is taking place in compliance with the principles of Indaver’s Codes of Good Practices for sustainable waste management.

Strict audit protocols

Indaver has international and regional Approval teams who audit all external outlets, therefore Indaver developed an own audit protocol. The audits are carried out using a checklist which is constantly updated and improved. The audit team investigates what precisely happens to the waste, both at the physical and administrative levels. The way the audit is conducted and the amount of detail depends on the type of waste and on our customer’s expectations. Full compliance is always the starting point. The Approval Team consists of experts in various fields. It includes QESH members from all regions where Indaver is active. 

Strict requirements, also for logistics

Indaver supplies a full range of logistical services for both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Indaver owns a fleet of container trucks, tank trailers, silo trucks, hooded wagons, side curtain trucks, walking floors. Years of experience in waste transport (including ADR) is guaranteed in strict procedures. Safety remains top priority at all times. 

Indaver also has excellent contacts with external logistic partners to be able to offer our customers the best logistic service. These reliable partners are selected in function of geography, flexibility, high quality standards and delivered services. Our logistical partners are subjected the same auditing procedures and must meet the same strict requirements as our own logistics.

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